We are a family owned business. Established in 2008.

My name is Todd and along with my wife we founded and own Ventflow Services.

I attended Renton Technical College to study major appliance repair and HVAC service. I received an appliance repair certification in 1997 and was employed as a HVAC mechanic and property maintenance engineer for some of the largest companies in Seattle. One thing I noticed is that dryer vents were a major issue, even causing house and apartment fires. 

They were very difficult to clean and there was no effective and efficient method to clean dirty vents. I started using high pressure air snakes combined with a high power vacuum to clean them. I also realized the importance of cleaning the inside of the dryer on every service as this is the starting point for many fires.

With this knowledge we decided to start a small niche business in cleaning dryer vents and air ducts. We take pride in our work and practice great customer service.  As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.

We promise, No scams, low ball coupons, or up-selling any other types of unnecessary home services. Please give us a try! Always a money back guarantee with every service.

Give us a try, we are sure you will be impressed!